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A combination of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology, innovative formulas and effective solutions to preserve youth and beauty

The history of Ansaligy

Our cosmetics are not mass-market, despite the fact that they are sold at retail. Each cosmetic line has star products that you want to use and a product that 90% of patients and cosmetologists like. We wanted to create a line of cosmetics in which every product would be a star product.

We could not do this on our own, so we found the EMANSY laboratory and contacted them at the beginning of 2015. At that time, Valentina Ivanovna went to an exhibition where manufacturers presented their ingredients. At this exhibition, for the first time, an ingredient that is found in almost all of our products - SWT-7 was presented. This ingredient has won numerous awards. We are proud of it.

After the ingredients were brought in, the lengthy process of creating and testing cosmetics began. In the process of creation, cosmetics are not tested on animals, only tested on humans and sperm. The products that were tested did not cause any allergic reactions. But it is important to understand that someone may have an individual intolerance to a particular product. This does not make our cosmetics allergenic, these are simply the characteristics of each person, this is an exception.

ANSALIGY innovative cosmetics for face and body care

ANSALIGY cosmetics are a combination of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology, innovative formulas and effective solutions to preserve youth and beauty.

The laboratory of the ANSALIGY company has combined in its products 7 unique formulas that have not been previously used in a similar concentration and combination in any known cosmetic product. These are the latest patented developments of specialists in the field of cosmetology from all over the world. The results of their innovative discoveries were taken as the basis for the ANSALIGY line.

Our experts

  • Valentina Ivanovna Demenko
    Head of the Emancy laboratory, professor, doctor of biological sciences, author of dozens of successful cosmetic brands in the Russian market.

    Emancy Laboratory started its activity with two main principles.

    - The conviction that the functions of the skin can best be performed only by itself. Therefore, cosmetic products should act at the level of preserving and prolonging the natural mechanism of skin functioning.

    — All active ingredients are of a vegetarian nature, selected from international corporations, which provide medical evidence confirming the declared action of the ingredient. Cosmetic products created in the EMANSI laboratory are a faithful assistant on the way to achieve luxurious skin, regardless of circumstances and age. It is on this principle that professional cosmetic lines are built.

    “The ANSALIGY line is our latest and super progressive creation. We are grateful to our customers for a professional approach to the selection of ingredients, in our difficult time they did not think of the cost, but thought first of all about the effectiveness of the final product. We've came up with excellent anti age product! "

  • Olga Manikhina
    Expert of the ANSALIGY brand, developer of the ANSALIGY line. Dermatologist, cosmetologist, dermato-oncologist. Doctor of the highest category.


    Moscow State Medical University named after I.M. Sechenov, residency at the department of MONIKI named after M.F. Vladimirsky. Advanced training in cosmetology, advanced training in dermato-oncology, thread lifting, contour plastics and mesotherapy, machinal and laser technologies.

    Olga Nikolaevna has 7 published articles on dermatology. Olga Manikhina took an active part in the development of the ANSALIGY cosmetics line. Together with cosmetic laboratories, she chose the components of creams and tested the samples. She was responsible for the final preparation of the product: consistency, concentration, flavor and absorbency of the products.