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Watermelon Under-Eye Patches
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“Watermelon” Eye Patches

The vitamins B6, C and amino acids included in the watermelon contribute to the restoration and maintenance of water balance, refresh the skin around the eyes.

Betaine*, trehalose**, a mixture of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights ***, promote hydration of the epidermis and dermis at different levels, as well as activation of cellular metabolism.

3 000 AMD

Aloe vera extract, Spanish cherry, monarda herbs and green tea extracts, rich in amino acids, polysaccharides and polyphenolic compounds, moisturize the skin and maintain antioxidant levels.

* Danisco, Denmark,

** Nagase, Japan,

*** Roelmi, Italy


Method of use՝

Leave patches in the area under the eyes for 15-20 minutes. For a deeper effect, you can keep 30-40 minutes. repeat several times a week.

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Place of use: Eyes

Volume: 7ml