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Double Action Lifting Patch Mask
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The ANSALIGY collection of hydrogel masks-patches has a new product released on the eve of February 14 - the most romantic day of the year. The mask is divided into parts: in one sachet in personal packages, there are two hydrogel masks, which are impregnated with different serums. Thus, the blacktop moisturizes the skin and improves the complexion, while the red bottom has a lifting effect. This approach allowed the brand to maximize the effectiveness of the mask and personalize the problem of the upper and lower areas of the face.


ANSALIGY Double Action Lifting Patch Mask


The upper half of the mask:

  • The composition of the serum, which is impregnated with the patch, contains agaric acid, which is obtained from the tinder fungus Fomes Officinalis. It mattifies, provides a lifting effect, visibly tightens pores 1, and protects the skin from environmental pollution.
  • Extract of Arnica Montana flowers, roots of herbaceous plants Polygonatum Officinale, Hordeum vulgare and Cupressus sempervirens cypress seeds2 shrinks dilated capillaries and reduces their permeability, especially in the areas where they are most pronounced - on the wings of the nose and cheeks.
  • Albizia julibrissin tree bark extract and darutoside 3 – maintain the elasticity of the skin and its uniform tone due to the reduction of the glycation process and its powerful regenerating and anti-inflammatory activity.
  • A mixture of hyaluronic acids with different molecular weights 4 activates the synthesis of its hyaluronic acid and maintains an optimal level of moisture in the epidermis and dermis.


The lower half of the mask:

  • Flax seeds 5 plump the skin, make it elastic, reduce the volume in the lower third of the face and reduce sagging of the skin in this area by improving the production of its hyaluronic acid, protecting collagen from oxidation, and maintaining cellular metabolism.
  • Sphingolipids 6 support the skin's lipid framework, reducing moisture loss and helping to maintain skin elasticity.
  • Substances of natural moisturizing factor 7 retain moisture in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, giving the skin surface an even relief.


Based on clinical laboratory tests by:

  1. Сobiosa, Spain
  2. Greentech, France
  3. Sederma, France
  4. Principium, Switzerland
  5. Lycus Mayer, France
  6. CLR, Germany
  7. Ajinomoto, Japan



Does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

12 500 AMD


Gently remove one-half of the mask from the sachet bag. Apply to previously cleansed face skin so that the protective layer of the mask is on top. Make sure that the mask is tight over the entire application area and remove the top protective layer. Repeat the same procedure with the other half of the face mask. For sensitive and redness-prone skin, the recommended exposure time of the mask is no more than 15-20 minutes, for normal skin types, longer exposure is possible.

The patches are for single use.

Application area: Face

Skin type: Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Combination, Oily

Volume: 65 ml

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Skin Type : Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Combination, Oily

Place of use: Face

Volume: 65 ml

The upper half of the mask: Water, Propanediol, Butylene Glycol, Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom), Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Polygonatum Officinale Rhizome / Root Extract, Hordeum Vulgare Extract, Cupressus Sempervirens Seed Extract, Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract, Darutoside, Bamboo Charcoal, Peg-40 Hydroganated Castor Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Gluconate, Caprylyl Glycol, Methylpropanediol, Didecyldimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-80, Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Laurate, Sodium Hydroxide; The lower half of the mask:Water, Propanediol, Phospholipids, Sphingolipids, Glycerin , Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed), Betaine, Sodium PCA, Sodium Lactate, PCA, Serine, Alanine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Lysine Hcl, Threonine, Arginine, Proline, PEG-40 Hydroganated Castor Oil, Sorbus Aucuparia Powder, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cellulose Gum, CI 77491, Sodium Gluconate, Caprylyl Glycol, Methylpropanediol, Didecyldimonium Chloride, Polyquaternium-80, Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Laurate, Sodium Hydroxide